TZ Range

TZ 87XX/BB – Expressly designed for colour matching systems, it comes in 10, 35, 60 or 90% gloss level

TZ 28XX/00 – Extremely versatile topcoat for any kind of spray applications, including airmix, airless, oscillating spray guns and fixed spray guns for profiles. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications. Its high solids content makes it more suitable for conventional or forced air drying with drying times of at least 2 hours, and less suitable for very short tunnel drying. TZ28**/00 always ensures an even matting as well as a smooth, very hard surface. Available in 5, 10, 20, 40, 60% gloss levels.

TZ 9910/13 – White topcoat with excellent flow and surface hardness which ensures excellent vertical hold and hiding power on edges. Moreover, it exhibits excellent drying and hiding power as well as a more even matting compared to TZ88**/A1, while the colour shade is the same. Available in 10% or 35% gloss level.

TZ23**/13 –  White matt topcoat ensuring a good flow in horizontal and a good filling power on edges, as well as a good yellowing resistance and a good surface hardness and smooth touch.

TL Range

TL 345 13/00 – Differs considerably from other high gloss topcoats in terms of its high drying speed and surface hardness.  It is therefore suitable for situations requiring either good scratch resistance (e.g. table tops) or fast drying (picture frames, panels, etc.). Buffing and polishing are also possible.

TL 345 BB – Specifically formulated for tintometric systems.

TL 335/57 – Black gloss topcoat with excellent wettability and flow combined with good thixotropy and solvent release. It is suitable for coating kitchen doors, picture frames, flat parts, etc. Coating systems can consist of a single coat, or two coats applied wet-on-wet at an interval of 1-4 hours.