TU 54 00 – Completely colourless basecoat with good build and sandability. It does not change colour when exposed to sunlight and protect the wood from natural yellowing. This makes it the ideal basecoat for pale timbers such as ash, maple, oak and birch. The protective action will be less effective on conifer timbers (pine, spruce, larch, etc.), which are highly resinous and more susceptible to the yellowing effect of sunlight. It is also indispensable for coating surfaces bleached with hydrogen peroxide (or other chemical bleaching agents)

TU 188/00 – Fast drying clear self-sealer ensuring a soft touch and a harmonizing effect to be used when coating fair substrates (maple, birch, ash, fine-line, etc.) since it keeps the natural wood shade. For its harmonizing properties, TU0188/00 is not suitable for dark wood species.

TZ 70XX 00 – Exhibits complete transparency, and good build and smoothness. It is particularly suitable for applications that require high yellowing resistance. For example:

  • coating pale-coloured timbers (maple, birch, ash, fine-line, etc.);
  • coating timbers bleached with hydrogen peroxide or other oxidisers (to avoid the severe yellowing problems associated with normal polyurethane products applied on this type of substrate);
  • coating white or pastel coloured substrates to protect them from yellowing.

In the first two cases, a non-yellowing basecoat such as TU 54/00 must be applied before the topcoat TZ70**/00. Comes in 10% or 25% gloss level.

TL 373 00 – High-gloss topcoat with excellent flow and clarity. It is slower drying than polyurethane systems, but ensures excellent yellowing resistance. It must be applied in a sufficient quantity to wet the substrate well. Buffing is possible 5 days after application.

XT 0279 00 –  Absorbs all UV rays and is capable of decreasing the negative effect that they have on all timber species, i.e. reduces yellowing, chromatic alterations of fair colours as well as lignin deterioration. XT0279/00 can be added to polyurethane or nitrocellulose clear coatings. It cannot be used with waterborne, air-drying and polyester coatings. The addition of XT0279/00 to pigmented coatings is not recommended since it leads to no benefit. It’s is important to notice that XT0279/00 reduces yellowing of fair timbers but is not capable of avoiding the yellowing of the coating film.To avoid film yellowing, aliphatic hardeners, not sensible to light, are to be used.